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Childhood Trauma

The role of childhood trauma on health and diseases


Traumatic events of the earliest years of infancy and childhood are not lost but, like a child’s footprints in wet cement, are often preserved lifelong. Time does not heal the wounds that occur in those earliest years; time conceals them. They are not lost;

they are embodied. Only in recent decades has the magnitude of the problem of developmentally damaged humans begun to be recognized and understood.
The influence of childhood experience, including often-unrecognized traumatic events, is as powerful as Freud and his colleagues originally described it. That influence is long lasting, and the researchers describe the intermediary mechanisms, the neural pathways, that these stressors activate for their clinical manifestation.

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Dr. Marzieh Ahankoob

Depression and physical illness

Part 1

What is Depression?

People casually use the phrase, “I’m so depressed!” to say they are feeling down. But a temporary case of the blues - something we all experience has nothing to do with real depression. True depression is not the blues, sadness or even grief. It is overwhelming despair so bleak that people who have experienced it say that it is the worst pain they have ever endured. Depression is a treatable mental illness. While there have been changes in people’s attitudes, the stigma associated with mental illnesses has meant that many people with depression never seek treatment. Yet, those who do have an excellent chance of recovery. Researchers estimate that people who receive treatment for depression respond well.

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